I recently came home from work one evening, walked around to the front door to get my mail, reached up to open the glass screen door and noticed that my front door (behind the glass door) was open a few inches. I went inside and discovered that my home had been burglarized (the back door completely kicked in)! My first thought was for my two cats who actually came to greet me right away. Thankfully, they were both safe and sound inside the house. My glass storm doors (screen doors), which have automatic springs on them so that they swing shut on their own, were what had kept my cats from wandering outside when the thief let my front door wide open. I had really never thought about those doors being a safety measure for my pets, but they alone saved my babies that day. My cats are inside-only cats and would have quickly taken advantage of the open door to go exploring... Even though I have them both microchipped, there is no guarantee they would have been found or returned to me. The city holds so many dangers for cats. I often see cats that have been hit in the road by a car, and I don't want to even think about what might have happened if a dog had gotten a hold of one of them. So, if you are a cat owner and don't currently have a good solid screen door on your home, you might want to think about installing one. I can replace the other items that were stolen, but no amount of insurance could replace the two furry members of my family.


12/21/2009 16:17

omg! good idvice!

12/21/2009 17:24

Wow, that's amazing how a screen door saved your pets!! I'm so glad that they didn't run away! I will definitely take that advice as I don't want my cat to run away! Please visit my website at friendlyfootsteps.weebly.com. It has information on animals and the environment. It also has good tips about how to keep your pets safe on the holidays! Jess, who replied earlier is also my friend. We both created Friendly Footsteps together! I really love your website! Merry Christmas!


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